5 Ways To Write A Book

Write A Book

Do you have a story you would like to tell or even publish for own enjoyment? You need not to worry as you can write it down then publish the copy for sale. If you are the kind of person ever having thoughts of narratives running through the head all day long then it’s time to try writing a book. At the start, it may seem so hard but when you are used to it you find it simpler to handle. Below are some 5 ways of writing a book.

Get a notebook

A notebook or several of them is a great way of starting your writing career. You could want to first take note of the ideas before transferring them to your computer. Also, the computer could be far when you get the inspirations of your writing. Therefore, consider having your notebook and a pencil with you everywhere you go such that at any time any place you can note down anything that motivates your book. Even if it's a simple list of arm and hammer cleaning tips.

Get your thinking on a writing

You are now decided to write stories and you have your notebook with you. Do not copy the old ways of writing where people could leave blank the opening pages. Fill such pages with ideas pertaining to your stories. You could also write down the things you feel you are passionate of. After writing down all that, consider a third party to give feedback. After that, make a decision of which of the ideas to go for making sure it’s more of a unique idea. Go through the idea as many times to ascertain you will walk through.

Come up with the story overview

Start thinking of outlining things like backstories, descriptions, and character names and also notes about the characters among other aspects. Think of anything else that will be part of the story. Make sure to include descriptions of characters that are not part of the story but could have direct influence on other characters in that story.

Come up with a chart or table

The table or rather a chart will help you in classifying each of your story characters as per the meaning which they serve in the story. The notebook will still be of help here as you first have to note down the characters on a notebook with each having a description alongside it. Choose some of your characters and come up with their backstories. Through such you get to learn more and see more of your characters and also will give you an insight to consult when off topic.

Come up with your story outline

The story outline will aid in defining which side your narrative takes that is its beginning character and plot development, event setups which will then result to the climax and finally the ending or resolution of conflicts raised among other issues. As you develop the story, come up with key characters and define the key features of each mentioning the major roles they play in your story. From there, get more characters and expand them as per what they do.

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